Gourmet Coffee Add-On


Gourmet Coffee Add-On

For the coffee connoisseur, Canyon Coffee’s signature roast and a hand-made mug will be just their cup of joe. Rich and satisfying, these delicate beans are truly gourmet — carefully selected and roasted to be smooth and flavorful, not bitter or acidic. The gift of coffee invites them to relax, enjoy the ritual, and savor the moment.

Choose one or both of these incredible coffee roasts to add on to your floral gift. Here are some tasting notes your recipient will enjoy:

Beachwood - Smooth, Caramelly, Medium Roast

Alentejo - Rich, Chocolately, Dark Roast

You also have the the option to add on a high quality hand-made mug from BeHome. These graceful yet weighty mugs are beautiful and functional, elevating the everyday ritual of coffee or tea.

Available as an add-on item only.

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