Alyssa and Biba: A Love Story Full of Pride!

Love stories are as unique as the individuals who live them, and Alyssa and Biba's journey is no exception. From the moment they met to their magical engagement story, this couple's path has been filled with joy, surprises, and a deep connection. We had the pleasure of working with them for their wedding, and their love story truly touched our hearts. In this article, we explore their love story and discuss how they decided on their gorgeous wedding floral aesthetic that is full of personality and pride! Let's dive in!

Q & A With Alyssa and Biba

How did you meet?

We first met at a wellness studio (Sacred Roots in Long Beach) that we were both working at at the time. Biba was leading sound baths and Alyssa was leading meditations. A mutual friend of ours had brought Alyssa to one of Biba's sound baths and we felt an instant connection. We stayed in touch and attended some wellness events together until we both decided after about a year of knowing each other that we should take the leap and move in as roommates as we were both looking for housing at that point. 

When did you know you had met “the one”?

We both had different moments when we knew: 

For Alyssa: It was about 10 months into our relationship when she knew for sure.  Biba had to have surgery and Alyssa was right by her side through the entire experience.  It was quite a journey and being faced with the possibility of losing Biba, she realized that day on that she didn't want to live another day of her life without her sweet Biba.  It was a month later that we got engaged and Alyssa has never felt so sure of anything in her life!

For Biba: It was on our first date when we met outside of our house (as we were roommates at the time) at a restaurant and Alyssa got there early and looked so stunning! She was holding an incredible bouquet and she greeted Biba with a huge smile, warmed her heart, the world felt a bit lighter and Biba knew at that point, we were in for an amazing adventure ahead together.  Every day has truly been an adventure since that day!

Tell us more about your proposal/engagement story!

We had two! As this was our first time proposing, we did know who was going to propose! So we decided we both would. 🙂

Alyssa, who is also a wedding planner, loves planning surprises… and this one was so beautiful!  We both went on Halloween for a fun adventure in Venice, got a delicious meal, and went to an Ecstatic Dance event right on the water.  There was a silent disco and everyone was dressed in fun costumes.  We had a blast and at the end of the event, Alyssa had organized a huge surprise.  Three different women gave Biba a heart crystal that each had a beautiful significance in building a life together and Alyssa got down on her knee and proposed in front of 200 people (all in Halloween costumes) and completely surprised Biba!  It was such a special day and our friend, who is a photographer, captured the event.  

Biba planned a gorgeous surprise proposal at a winery in Temecula.  We were both working at a wedding for our friend and decided to stay in a fun air bnb nearby.  We went wine tasting the day after the wedding and Biba took Alyssa to the edge of the winery overlooking the beautiful vineyards.  Biba's friend who is a photographer was there in the corner and captured the proposal.  We all had some wine and a lovely meal together to celebrate.  It was a special day!

How did you decide on your wedding floral color palette and design?

This part was easy – we love rainbows and knew we wanted our wonderful friends at The Bloom of Time to create a beautiful a rainbow palette for our floral.  They knocked it out of the park and exceeded all of our expectations!  The flowers truly are one of the most memorable parts of our special day!

What was your favorite thing about wedding planning? 

Creating an experience together for our family and friends to enjoy. We love to create experiences for people to enjoy so planning our wedding was just another adventure for all to enjoy! It was also a lot of fun to come up with a location that felt aligned for us (Palm Springs), dress shopping (we ended up with matching dresses), and bringing in lots of rainbows to the experience made it so cheerful and so US!

What was the most challenging thing about wedding planning? 

As we both had brand new jobs at the time, it was a challenge to find the time to work on our wedding, but ultimately it all came together beautifully!

What advice would you have for others in the LGBTQ+ community planning their nuptials?

Be true to yourself, and follow your heart to create an experience that's meaningful for you both, as it's your day first and foremost. Don't spend too much time worrying about what everyone else is going to think, and spend more time having fun creatively expressing yourselves. Come up with a general theme and remember, there are so many fun ways to bring rainbows and sunshine into your day!  Especially through your flowers with The Bloom Of Time!

Biography of the Couple

Alyssa and Biba Glaser are the heart and soul of Rainbow Zen Den. Rainbow Zen Den takes a heart-centered approach to curate conscious experiences for people to connect back to themselves, and help move any stagnant energy through visualizations, reiki, and sound. We focus on uplifting others to discover that they are their own healers through various techniques to support their minds and body in restoring, recharging, and rebalancing. 

Not only do we create corporate wellness programs and private sound baths and retreats, we also love creating deeply connecting experiences for bridal parties and for bachelor/bachelorette events to guide the group through sound, energy, and soulful connection to prepare for their special day! 

How to contact Alyssa and Biba

Instagram: @rainbowzenden


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